Cloudrise: Encouraging Data Security for an Improved Future

Cloudrise: Encouraging Data Security for an Improved Future | CyberPro Magazine

Since every organisation depends on data, data proliferation increases the danger environment and the risk to the organization’s data. As a result, data privacy, cloud security, and protection are now critically important. Organisations today mostly rely on working with the right technology and services partners to develop a plan to protect their data, since new technologies are developing to help secure data.

The organisation Cloudrise, which is committed to enhancing data security, is featured in this edition of Enterprise World Magazine’s Most Trusted Cybersecurity Companies in 2022.

The Business:

“We are elevating data protection at Cloudrise.”

We raised the bar for innovation, service delivery, and risk reduction by spending more than 20 years delivering seamless and integrated data protection solutions to our customers. We were founded in 2019 by business and security entrepreneurs with experience in Fortune 500 companies, global markets, and successful start-ups. The leadership team of InteliSecure was hired by Deloitte to develop and expand their Managed Data Protection and Cloud Cyber Risk businesses after the company successfully exited with 200+ employees.

This is a technology-enabled services company that specialises in providing data-centric services that are tailored to the business requirements of your company. The team has adapted its services to be concentrated on protecting your data wherever it sits, drawing from more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Through our advice, implementation, optimisation, and managed services, we assist organisations in improving their privacy, cloud security, and data protection programmes.

Getting Past the Obstacles

In 2020, we overcame all odds by starting a new business in the middle of a pandemic and a recession. Budgets for customers and prospects were frozen, travel came to a complete stop, and the already difficult task of locating and hiring cybersecurity personnel increased.

“As we were only five months old at this point, we had to carefully consider how we were going to grow the business and survive.”

We reported having a good first year of company in spite of those difficulties. The company’s established connections helped it draw in top talent and clients. They reinvented the way services are delivered, giving clients greater value and reliable, repeatable results. Ultimately, we were able to come up with innovative solutions to deal with the elevated risk to data in a remote workforce thanks to their strategic alliances.

Getting Stronger

Following the October 2019 launch of Cloudrise, the team managed to obtain capital investments from a network of seasoned cybersecurity investors, allowing them to provide data protection services to their first 50 clients with a primary emphasis on value delivery.

Driven by significant collaborations and an unwavering pursuit of novelty, we established a preferred services agreement with Netskope early on, paving the way for further expansion.

“The Company was named the esteemed “Netskope Global Services Partner of the Year” after completing hundreds of projects worldwide.”

The Greater Colorado Venture Fund (“GCVF”) led a sizable investment in The Company in 2021, as they proceeded to gather momentum and raise more money to support development and innovation.

With the purchase of UK-based CyberOrchard and more financing from Three Kings Capital, 2022 will witness further substantial financial expansion, bringing Cloudrise’s total funding to date to $10 million.

Many businesses can point to their workforce as the reason for their success, but Cloudrise stands out from the crowd due to their standing as authorities in data protection.

With a leadership team that has over 20 years of experience in the industry, Cloudrise has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to data protection. The workforce at Cloudrise has an average tenure of nine years in data protection, and this is what makes the company successful.

With unparalleled knowledge, Cloudrise can help you plan your path and lead organisations towards an optimal data protection programme and platform.

We are skilled at identifying potential hazards and implementing data protection solutions in a variety of sectors, regions, and organisational sizes. We also have the know-how to handle the constantly shifting regulatory and data compliance environment.

Promising Statistics

We are currently 75% ahead of 2021 in revenue, with a year-over-year gain in revenue of 313% from 2020 to 2021. This is only half of 2022 completed.

The YOY client base grew by 50% from 2021 to 2022 after doubling between 2020 and 2021.

The first three years of operation have seen a triple in global expansion to new nations.

The company uses cutting-edge technologies to secure customers’ data wherever it may be located. Their areas of competence include cloud security, privacy, and data protection. From four to twelve vendors, all of whom are leaders in their respective Gartner Magic Quadrants, make up their technology portfolio.

Talent: One of Cloudrise’s primary differentiators in the industry, and the beating heart of the company, is its service delivery staff. Some of the most highly skilled personnel in the business provide expertise to each and every customer:

A twelve-week comprehensive and intensive training programme called Cloudrise University is attended by all new hires at The Company—100% of them.

Being the Netskope Global Services Partner of the Year necessitates that the business keep up a high standard of certifications. Thirty percent of the Cloudrise Service Delivery team holds a Netskope Integrator certification, and sixty percent of the team is a Netskope Administrator.

In addition to CISSP, CCSK, CEH, ISO 27001, and a host of other certifications, the Cloudrise team is well-versed in cloud security, data protection, and privacy technologies.  

“At Cloudrise, we advise, implement, optimise, and manage data security technologies, so that organisations can elevate their data protection, privacy, and cloud security programmes,” states their suite of products and services.

Among their offerings are:

Recommendation: Evaluate whether your people, procedures, and equipment help you reach your goal.

Implementation: Use programmes and technology to meet your company’s demands.

Optimisation: To lower risk, make the most of your data-centric programmes and technology.

Managed: Keep an eye on, run, and constantly enhance your ecosystem focused on data.

Secure Service Edge, Data Loss Prevention, Privacy, Cloud Security, and Discovery & Classification are among the technologies that Cloudrise supports.

What Sets Cloudrise Apart from Other Companies:

It cannot all be protected.

You may prioritise the elements of your security programme by understanding which of your data is most important, with the aid of Cloudrise.

The wider picture is important.

A successful data security strategy fits your company’s objectives and top priorities. Through the resolution of your particular business difficulties, the Cloudrise team safeguards your value, your customers, and your reputation.

People are necessary for effective security, too.

Their technologically advanced services are a blend of exceptional human resources and innovative software. You may anticipate quantifiable, repeatable results as well as a creative solution to your issues with hiring and retaining talent.

Your requirements for security are distinct.

Using an off-the-shelf solution can result in money spent and unmet requirements. The highly skilled team at Cloudrise has the aptitude, creativity, and quickness to create specialised solutions that deal with your unique business problems.

The Next Great Thing:

After twenty years of developing talent in three previous organisations, the founding team of Cloudrise is lucky to have brought their highly skilled and seasoned “family” with them to Cloudrise. In addition, the team welcomed CyberOrchard, a group with extensive knowledge of data protection, to the Cloudrise family in April. Their skills complement those of the team’s American members.

That being said, the pool of available talent will shrink due to the worldwide workforce deficit. It is also no longer cost-effective for Cloudrise or the clients to throw extra resources at a project. Introducing “Superhumans-as-a-Service,” a concept by Cloudrise that leverages both software and human resources to increase customer service capacity.

In order to improve productivity, facilitate better communication, and shorten the time required to provide high-value results for its clients, Cloudrise is automating and integrating.

“Our technology ecosystem will enable us to transition from providing services similar to those of every other company to becoming a technology-enabled services company with a focus on providing cloud security, privacy, and data protection services.”

Cloudrise will provide tech-enabled services to accomplish targeted business outcomes by combining software and people.

CEO/Founder Rob Eggebrecht: Setting the Standard

“I really think that my leadership team should have budget, air cover, and direction. When you apply those three concepts to your team, managing change and adapting to changing circumstances become second nature.”

The Chief Executive Officer, Rob Eggebrecht

Rob joins Cloudrise with over 20 years of top industry experience, a strong work ethic, and an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit. Rob is a creative CEO who is leading teams in product development and technology management to create world-class cybersecurity. Before starting Cloudrise, Rob was the CEO and founder of InteliSecure, had multiple executive roles at international start-ups, and led Deloitte’s cloud cyber and data risk division.

Rob’s Opinion on Competition:

“There is no substitute for vigilance. When executed correctly, this operating cadence, which incorporates balance, steadies the ship. This steady rhythm, which prevents the sounds from getting increased when it gets loud, is what makes Cloudrise so successful. You will find it more difficult to manage the firm if you let obstacles get more severe. 

The Group in Charge:

Co-founder and chief revenue officer Hillary Laird:

With more than 15 years of experience, Hillary is a proven sales and marketing leader that cultivates greatness via her relationships with partners and customers. Hillary served as the CMO and SVP of sales at InteliSecure and as a special advisor for cloud, cyber, and data risk at Deloitte before co-founding Cloudrise.

Chief Operating Officer Joe Infantino:

Joe has worked in cybersecurity for more than 15 years, and he assists a variety of companies in evolving and changing their cyber programmes.  Joe held positions as vice president and chief of staff at Deloitte, vice president of worldwide operations at InteliSecure, and vice president and business manager of investment banking at Citi before joining Cloudrise.

Chief Financial Officer Rob Zillioux:

As Chief Financial Officer, Rob offers over twenty years of experience in worldwide finance and operations. With experience in corporate development, M&A, finance leadership, business development and sales, and strategic planning, he is a results-oriented and strategically minded business executive. Building teams, expanding sales and earnings, and business development are some of his passions. Zillioux worked with Western Union for almost ten years, serving as Vice President and CFO in a number of regions, including the Americas, Asia/Pacific, and Europe/CIS, before joining Cloudrise.

Chief Technology Officer Jason Bird:

With more than 25 years of expertise in data governance, managed services, cybersecurity, and privacy, Jason is the epitome of a professional. As the CEO of CyberOrchard, he successfully merged the company with Cloudrise, where he currently holds the position of CTO. Prior to being bought by FireEye in 2016, he held executive roles at Dr. Solomons, McAfee, Biocatch, HSBC, RSA Security, and CSG Invotas, a pioneer in Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) technology. Jason played a pivotal role in multiple start-ups that all experienced prosperous exits.