Roqos: A Safe Online Space

Sezen Uysal | Roqos: A Safe Online Space | CyberPro Magazine

Because of the increased worldwide connectedness, there is a growing risk to cybersecurity. Your data is vulnerable to a breach or cyberattack due to a combination of smart cybercriminals and improperly configured cloud services. And you need to use the best cyber-security services to prevent this.

One such business that offers its clients the greatest cyber-security services is Roqos, which is led by CEO Sezen Uysal. Listen to Sezen Uysal’s interview as he talks about the company’s journey.

Tell us about the business.

2014 saw the establishment of Roqos. It’s in Tysons, Virginia. It offers homes and small companies VPN, cellular data, and cyber security solutions.

What difficulties did you initially encounter?

Persuading clients who run small enterprises and homes to purchase cyber security protection.

Which particular moment set off the company’s expansion?

Our sales began to increase after we offered a comprehensive solution that included Roqos Core cyber security appliances, Roqos apps for simple Roqos Core management, and the Roqos Cloud for remote management.

In what ways have the company graphs evolved since their establishment? Could you provide a few numbers?

In late 2016, we introduced our first product. We increased our yearly top lines over the next three years.

What causes the sustained success of your business?       

Our solutions are innovative, feature-rich, and simple to use, and our support staff is friendly and quick to respond.

Which goods and services does the business specialise in? What distinguishes your services from competitors’ offerings?

Our VPN and cyber security products are entirely open-source. These days, every end user should insist on open source cyber security solutions because, in the absence of such solutions, one would never be able to find out information about the important cyber security hardware and software, such who authored the programme or whether the firewall has a back door.

Our VPN and cyber security products are fully open source.

Furthermore, our systems are very simple to set up and maintain. They don’t need a special IT staff. Although sophisticated users may always access advanced options, Roqos apps are incredibly simple to learn and use.

We also think that real-time notifications are necessary for cyber security. Our solutions provide real-time network event notifications to our customers, including lost internet, newly established VPN connections, activation of backup cellular networks, and suspicious activity that could be a sign of malware, among other things.

At our Tysons site, we develop and assemble the majority of the Roqos solutions. Our little model was only assembled in a limited quantity in China.

How do you decide whether to advance the business’s offerings in terms of goods and services?

Our emphasis is on novel and inventive features that offer cost-effective solutions for intricate issues.

Is there a new item or service added to the list? Do you have anything exciting to share?

We are going to introduce cyber security solutions that come with cellular data and Roqos hardware, enabling businesses to have always-on internet through dependable Roqos Core appliances.

We acquire clients one by one.

We’re also introducing a tonne of cutting-edge VPN capabilities. For instance, small and medium-sized enterprises are now unable to connect to VPNs through cellphone internet access, shared office premises, or ISPs that use private IP addresses. With only a few clicks, a VPN connection can be established in any setting thanks to Roqos Cloud’s new VPN capability.

What duties do you believe an entrepreneur should have?

Transforming concepts into profitable ventures

Look for strategies to maintain the increase

Encourage open communication, solicit input and fresh ideas, develop staff members’ competencies, and ask questions to strengthen teamwork.

Would you kindly provide us a quick overview of your work history?

From the early 1990s, I have worked in the networking industry. At the foundational businesses of the Internet, including Network Solutions, EDS (now HP), and Cable&Wireless, I held a number of engineering roles. I founded and oversaw Simena before Roqos, which Netscoute Systems (NASDAQ: NTCT) purchased in 2011.

How do you take care of your staff members? What distinguishes your team from others?

The Roqos team values the opinions of all members, just like a family would. Regarding potential and obstacles, we are receptive to our personnel. They observe how committed everyone is, particularly during these trying times. We see to it that each worker understands the company’s success and is inspired to strive for greater things.

Would you like to highlight a particular encounter you had with a client?

We acquire clients one by one. We demonstrate to them that our industrious, committed staff offers exceptional solutions tailored to meet their needs. We solicit their opinions on feature sets, our support staff, and future concepts on a regular basis. Numerous features that we adopted were suggestions from our users.