TechForing: Building a Securer Online Community

TechForing: Building a Securer Online Community | CyberPro Magazine

Cybersecurity is a simple, yet effective, method for safeguarding private information. Cybersecurity is created to prevent and safeguard sensitive company data. The industry standard of confidentiality, integrity, and availability, or CIA, comprises cyber security. Data must be provided on demand in accordance with permitted criteria. Privacy implies that only authorities may access data. Integrity implies that data may be added or altered through the authority at any time.

This business aims to create a safer online environment and bring the online community together via its products and services.

In this conversation with TechForing’s CEO and managing director, Rabiul Islam, we will learn more about the company’s development and its path through obstacles and difficulties.

Tell us about the business.

A leading group of qualified cybersecurity experts is TechForing. Our sole objective when we first launched in 2014 was to make everyone’s use of the internet safer. Since then, we have provided businesses, governmental organisations, and private citizens with the greatest cybersecurity monitoring and management solutions available.

We have provided security solutions to around 7000 clients in more than 90 countries since our founding.

What difficulties did you initially encounter?

People typically become wary of new and unknown organisations. They are more inclined to trust renowned and respectable institutions to handle their issues. We needed to use openness and communication to dispel that doubt. Our clients could easily get in touch with us, and we were always available to respond to their inquiries. We consistently offered top-notch customer service and solicited input from our clients in order to enhance our offerings. These enhanced our reputation and assisted us in gaining the trust of our clients.

The other difficulty we encountered was recruiting talent to support our operations. Again, it was challenging for us since we were a new organisation. A large number of applicants expressed interest in working in cybersecurity. Finding suitable individuals, however, was, to put it mildly, difficult. In order to convince someone to join our team, even if we had the ideal candidate, we needed to demonstrate our unique selling point. We addressed these obstacles by fostering outstanding communication, concentrating on the talent’s career development, and creating a positive work environment. We made sure that candidates understood the goals and objectives of TechForing, offered them a positive hiring experience, and gave them a wonderful workplace.

Which particular moment set off the company’s expansion?

Understanding our customers’ problems via analysis, research, and understanding led to TechForing’s success. In general, cybersecurity services can be costly, time-consuming, and complex. Our services were developed with the goal of resolving those problems.

We observed that during a cyberattack, people and businesses were not receiving the assistance they required quickly enough, which caused them to lose the critical time needed to minimise the harm. By offering services like digital forensic investigation, cryptocurrency scam investigation, ransomware mitigation, online blackmail investigation, hack recovery, etc., we want to address that issue with our prompt incident response.

In what ways have the company graphs evolved since their establishment? Could you provide a few numbers? The charts and graphs can be shared here.

Since the establishment of TechForing, there has been tremendous growth. We have established regional offices since 2014 in Detroit, USA; Istanbul, Turkey; London, UK; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; and Delhi, India. At the moment, TechForing has over 300 in-house cybersecurity specialists spread over four continents. We have served more than 7000 individual clients from more than 90 countries as well as more than 1250 corporations.

What causes the sustained success of your business?

Commitment and reliability. Over the years, we have stuck to our basic principles and ideals. We are able to establish long-lasting partnerships because we have established a culture of respect and trust. From the beginning to the finish of a project, we sincerely offer a distinctive customer experience. We have also been able to hold onto our competitive advantage over our rivals by remaining consistent.

We are able to maintain our reputation for providing dependable, high-quality services because we remain committed to upholding our basic principles and ideals. All of it has aided us in successfully offering our services for a very long time.

What goods and services does TechForing specialise in offering?

Risk assessment, incident response, security compliance, and SMB solutions are TechForing’s areas of expertise. We offer cybersecurity services to both private and public clients.

Businesses, for instance, are continuously vulnerable to cyberattacks. Our risk assessment services, which include penetration testing and vulnerability assessment, may assist businesses in determining the gaps in their security architecture and fixing them.

Businesses can deal with ransomware attacks, hacking incidents, data breaches, and other cyberattacks with the support of our incident response services.

How can you ensure the dependability of your services?

Some of the most respected organisations, including C|EH, CISA, CISSP, Security+, CCE, ACE, AME, GIAC, EnCE, GSA, CMFF, and many more, have certified members of our team. Having worked in the digital services industry for more than 8 years, we are sure that our IT solutions are reliable and tested. We employ a data security strategy that combines platforms, people, and procedures in a harmonious way.

We also place a high priority on meeting our clients’ needs, using efficient procedures, and making sure we’re offering a dependable service.

How can you assist businesses in becoming more sustainable and scalable?

TechForing assists businesses in securing their data from hackers, guaranteeing that their sensitive data is safe. We also assist businesses by guaranteeing the dependability and optimal operation of their systems, reducing the possibility of malfunctions and other issues that could negatively impact their operations.

We also offer smooth integration that doesn’t interfere with a company’s daily operations. In this way, we assist businesses in becoming more sustainable and scalable.

How do you decide whether to advance the business’s offerings in terms of goods and services?

Cybersecurity is our passion at TechForing. We set out on this journey with the intention of giving everyone safer access to the internet, and we never stop working towards that objective.

We ensure sure the modifications we make are beneficial to our clients by basing our new judgements on thorough research, implementation feasibility, and prototype testing.

What distinguishes your team from others?

Despite the diversity of backgrounds and experience levels on our team, everyone is committed, engaged, and has excellent communication skills. In addition, their business acumen and comprehension of the outside world enable them to interact with clients more skillfully.