CEO of Cloudstrats, Piyus Kanti, Assisting You In Staying Ahead Of The Curve Through Digital Transformation.

Several organisations have had to review their operations in the wake of the pandemic. The absence of services for digital transformation that are included within the company is one of the main causes of this reconsideration. There are various reasons why a firm needs to undergo digital transformation, but the primary one is the “fear of falling behind” the always changing competition and not being able to meet customer expectations.

Businesses need to incorporate several aspects of digital transformation into their operations in order to stay ahead of the competition and keep up with this rapid evolution. One of the key components of the digital transformation is technology. Technology makes it possible for organisations to operate more productively.

Technology is more than just embracing new technology; it’s also about eschewing antiquated procedures in order to make room for innovation.

Cloudstrats provides digital transformation services, including automation, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI), utilising cloud, cybersecurity, and devops technologies to keep your company ahead of the curve. As a global provider of managed services, advice, and solutions, Cloudstrats has partnered with more than 200 clients worldwide to help them achieve their goals.

With its worldwide headquarters in New York, Cloudstrat is also present in Europe, the United States, Canada, India, and the United Arab Emirates. Every employee in the business adheres to the same principles and has a “Owner’s Mindset.”

Providing Clarity on the Career Path

Piyus is not only the only founder of Cloudstrats but also a successful technology entrepreneur, investor, and product evangelist. With more than 20 years of expertise, he develops cutting-edge products in the cybersecurity and exponential technology fields.

Working with Fortune 50 firms and prestigious investment banks, among other consulting engagements, was part of the path that led to this more than two-decade experience. Piyus wants to give back to society by developing creative solutions that improve everyone’s quality of life and use scalable and reproducible technology to address current global issues.

Piyus, a highly regarded technological leader, has acquired a “solution mindset” and a fondness for technology. Because of this way of thinking, he is able to view things from a fresh angle and demonstrate how technology may be used to address and handle a given situation.

Speaking about Cloudstrat’s history, Piyus explains that the business began as a digital supplier and also offered consulting. The ecosystem of its partners expanded along with the corporation. Credibility was essential to the company’s success. After clients saw that Cloudstrat could handle every aspect of digital transformation, the company was unstoppable.

Cloudstrat’s success has been fueled by the “customer-first” mentality, which has allowed it to become a well-known provider of impactful, customised solutions that successfully tackle the most pressing global issues. With the goal of digitally revolutionising these industries, Cloudstrat is now concentrating on four verticals: manufacturing, BFSI, healthcare, energy and oil, and energy and oil.

Top Achievements in an Entrepreneurial Career

Building a business from the bottom up requires a great deal of bravery, passion, and expertise, and Piyus believes that anyone who succeeds in doing so should feel proud of themselves.

Using Cloudstrats’ services to solve people’s and businesses’ problems has been a significant accomplishment.

“I think increasing net worth for the team and the organisation has been the best reward,” the speaker said.

An entrepreneur’s top goal should be to create value for their core team, as they are the organization’s strongest asset and backbone.

According to Piyus, offering goods that improve customers’ lives and generating new job prospects have been crucial in contributing to the accomplishments. High on the list of accomplishments are the ability to recognise your competitive advantage, solve problems, and offer goods and services that people want and need. Other skills include the ability to create and implement marketing plans that have a positive impact on the venture’s ability to raise money, attract clients, and increase revenue.

The obligations of entrepreneurs

In order to achieve financial and strategic goals, Piyus explains the duties of an entrepreneur. These duties include understanding market trends, developing a thorough business plan, securing funding, hiring and managing a talented team, developing marketing and sales strategies, ensuring smooth operation, taking calculated risks, and adapting to changes.

In addition to these additional responsibilities, he lists resilience, commitment, the ability to work hard and make sacrifices, as well as excellent communication, motivation, leadership, and decision-making abilities. An entrepreneur’s ability to plan, think creatively, and make decisions can be extremely useful to a company.

Entrepreneurs need to be adaptable, quick to think on their feet, creative, and able to mentor their staff members all at the same time. Redefining its digital presence, rethinking its distribution plan, and developing a new digital strategy for new product development ROI are all crucial elements. One should periodically reimagine the organisational structure in order to spur growth. You will have a significant advantage over others if you can easily adapt and move quickly within the organisation.

Some Advice for Up-and-Coming Entrepreneurs

As per Piyus, an aspiring entrepreneur needs to commence with a thoroughly investigated and verified business concept that addresses a genuine issue and has a feasible market. According to Piyus, they should prioritise clients, carry out market research, establish a network of allies, draft a thorough business plan, and maintain their discipline and tenacity.

To elaborate, he thinks it’s critical to assemble a strong team, keep abreast of business developments, and be ready for the obstacles that come with being an entrepreneur. They should welcome failure as a chance to develop and learn while maintaining constant focus on their objectives.

It takes a lot of effort, perseverance, flexibility, and fortitude to achieve success, therefore business owners need to be goal-focused and ready for whatever comes their way.

Entrepreneurs that want to succeed must put their clients’ demands first, develop constantly, enhance their company, and keep up of changing technologies and market trends. They should also maintain discipline and persistence while leading a group of gifted and driven individuals. Finally, they should be willing to change course when needed.

Describe Cloudstrats.

An Indian exponential technology product firm, Cloudstrats was founded in India and provides Artificial Intelligence platforms driven by Automation & Analytics. Their products assist their clients in using text, speech, and computer vision technologies to solve real-world issues. The company’s ideas support the Indian ambition of Atmanirbhar Bharat, which aims to speed up the global and Indian population-scale digital transformation.

Furthermore, Cloudstrats is a platform that uses Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning to help government and corporate organisations reach their long-term sustainable development objectives in a number of sectors, such as Public Safety, Education, Health, Transportation, and more. Command Control Centres, eGovernment, Grievance Redressal, Data Hubs, Fraud Detection, and Health Systems are among its flagship initiatives.

Because of its customer-centric approach, Cloudstrats works with government and enterprise organisations, providing AI (Artificial Intelligence) and analytics solutions powered by the cloud. It also maintains partnerships with all major OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to provide customers with a single point of contact for all of their IT (Information Technology) infrastructure needs. Our focus is on the BFSI, Energy & Oil, Manufacturing, and Healthcare verticals.

Goods and Services

By comprehending the issue statement and offering personalised solutions, Cloudstrats is a company that provides customer-centric goods that are created to meet their needs. The company partners with its clients throughout the process, ensuring a long-lasting relationship with them.

“We develop solutions for the government’s ongoing initiatives, including fraud detection, smart governance, cyber security, smart cities, healthcare management centres, and command control centres, among many others.”

They can provide cloud services, facilitate consolidation, capacity on demand with robust compute, and other cloud resources thanks to their technical expertise and ability to integrate cutting-edge technologies with various OEMs in the market, particularly Microsoft. This gives their customers the confidence to start their digital transformation journeys.

Cloudstrats has a reputation for being nimble in providing high-quality solutions, and its in-house technical expertise is a bonus. Its ability to comprehend clients’ businesses just as well as they do, if not more, provides them an advantage over rivals.

Barriers at the Outset

Cloudstrats, a company, has advanced considerably in terms of prospects and use cases that are pertinent to the sector because of the emphasis and ecosystem of support provided by the Honourable Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi. Large industrial projects, however, are still difficult for the business to complete. They fight this by enlisting the cooperation of many organisations in consortiums and partner ecosystems, who collaborate to provide potential clients the necessary answer.

Taking Care of Workers and What Makes Them Unique

The secret to success is the workforce. Employee welfare is always of utmost importance. Effective communication is essential for both keeping and developing staff. Building a culture of trust and learning requires relationships founded on mutual respect and punctuality, according to Piyus.

Creating a dynamic, airy, and laid-back work atmosphere for the team is fundamental to the essence of Cloudstrats.”

Working with the newest technologies in a professional setting enables you to stay competitive in the market and preserve a positive work-life balance.

A blend of best practices customised to the particular requirements and objectives of the organisation is often what distinguishes the team. Furthermore, Cloudstrats encourages a strong corporate culture that will provide workers a feeling of community.