Bryan Herbstritt: Providing Reliable Cybersecurity Leadership to Strengthen Businesses

The field of cybersecurity is always changing as a result of the widespread and complex nature of attacks. In this environment, having leaders with the know-how, track record, and unshakable dedication to safeguard confidential information and guarantee network and system security is essential. Among these reputable leaders in cybersecurity, one name sticks out: Fidelitech Solutions Inc.’s President and CIO/CTO is Bryan Herbstritt.

Herbstritt has made a name for himself in the IT services sector with an outstanding career spanning more than 20 years. Bryan is an essential and well-respected cybersecurity leader due to his passion and breadth of expertise in compliance, server and network security, cloud services, backup, and disaster recovery planning. His strategic ideas and counsel are trusted by colleagues and clients to protect their digital assets and negotiate the constantly shifting cybersecurity environment. Herbstritt has established himself as one of the industry’s most reliable leaders because to Fidelitech Solutions’ sustained delivery of outstanding cybersecurity solutions…

An Experienced IT Specialist

Herbstritt has an outstanding career spanning more than 21 years in the IT services sector. He is a highly skilled IT architect, network security expert, server engineer, and compliance specialist. Herbstritt, a former Marine, has always had an attitude of exceeding expectations and doing the seemingly unachievable. He has been instrumental in helping several clients begin, grow, and even get ready for mergers and acquisitions with their firms.

Herbstritt’s career officially began in the late 1990s while he was stationed in Southern California as a member of the United States Marine Corps, serving in the MALS under the Marine Aircraft Group 11. With extraordinary commitment and going above and beyond the call of duty, Herbstritt never stopped striving for greatness. He was granted the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, among other honours, upon his honourable discharge from the Marine Corps in 2001 in recognition of his outstanding service, inventiveness, and steadfast dedication.

Herbstritt established R&B Web Solutions in 2001, and the company subsequently changed its name to Fidelitech Solutions. He has developed a solid reputation as a reliable advisor and consultant over the years, offering crucial assistance in a range of business domains such as information technologies, architecture designs, integration, cybersecurity, and the implementation and administration of compliance. Herbstritt has experience in compliance, cybersecurity, server and network security, cloud services, backup and disaster recovery planning, implementation, and management. He is also an executive and team leader.

Dependable IT Support

Serving the broader Salt Lake City, Utah, area, Fidelitech Solutions is a veteran-owned and service-connected company. The organisation is dedicated to giving business owners the most dependable and competent IT services possible. It is a recognised provider of managed services, cyber security, and compliance solutions. A group of ex-Marines who have embraced the S.M.A.R.T. concept constitute the basis of this organisation. The company’s commitment, enthusiasm, and concentration on making sure its clients’ businesses succeed are driven by this attitude.

Robust Performance: An associate who is committed, motivated, and fervent about your company’s prosperity! Lightning-fast reaction times and timely resolution of difficult situations are our main priorities.  Serving happy small company owners for more than 20 years, we have been in business.

Managed Services that use automation, clever, safe tools, and experienced personnel to cut down on downtime for servers, desktops, and networks. With our proactive service approach, you and our specialists can enjoy better quality of life without having to respond to common technological emergencies.  Act SMART, not reactively.

Affordable Solutions: With astute purchase selections, astute counsel, and technology tailored to your company’s precise demands and specifications, we help you minimise capital waste. Complete satisfaction is promised. To make sure you are always entirely happy with our service and support, our staff will go above and beyond.

Dependable technology partner with a focus on cyber security that helps your company preserve standards and comply with regulations while bolstering security and safeguarding your assets.  Our staff has the knowledge and expertise to assist businesses with the planning, execution, and upkeep of HIPAA, NIST, PCI, and SOC compliance.

Experienced IT advisors provide special insights, counsel, and solutions to meet your company’s information technology, cybersecurity, and compliance demands. There are no responses to your questions in Geek-Speak PLAIN ENGLISH.  Additionally, our technicians won’t minimise you or treat you like a moron just because you don’t know how all of this “technology” works.

The following explains why so many companies rely on Fidelitech Solutions for all of their IT needs:

“That’s what we do! Our personalised service plans fulfil your needs and desires without going over your spending limit. Fidelitech Solutions is here to work with you and your business to provide knowledgeable support for anything from cloud services to data backup.”

Fidelitech Solutions is a solid performer, with lightning-fast reaction times to quickly address complicated problems. Its group of skilled experts is committed to provide quick fixes and causing the least amount of disturbance to their clients’ business activities.

Fidelitech Solutions uses automated and intelligent, safe tools in its Managed Services to minimise downtime on servers, desktops, and networks. Because of the company’s proactive service approach, clients and technicians may live better lives without having to continually respond to technological fires.

One of the main features of Fidelitech Solutions’ products is affordability. By enabling its customers to make informed judgements about what to buy, the business prevents capital waste. Fidelitech Solutions promises complete satisfaction with their tech solutions that are customised to meet the unique needs of each organisation and their savvy advisers.

Its staff goes above and beyond to make sure customers are happy with all of the assistance and services they receive. Fidelitech Solutions is a dependable cybersecurity-focused technology partner that helps businesses protect their assets, bolster security protocols, and stay in line with industry norms. The organisation places a high priority on safeguarding the private information of its clients.

Fidelitech Solutions is proud of its seasoned Technology Advisors that provide distinctive viewpoints, counsel, and solutions to meet the IT, cybersecurity, and compliance demands of its clients.

The organization’s dedication to lucid communication guarantees that customers have straightforward English responses to all inquiries, eschewing superfluous technical vernacular. Fidelitech Solutions guarantees that it provides its clients with what they need without going overboard by creating specialised service packages that are tailored to fit particular needs and budgets.

Overcoming Obstacles and Reaching Advancement

Early on, Fidelitech Solutions encountered the usual difficulties that start-up businesses endure.

To become a leader in the sector, the company needed to clarify its culture and carve out a distinct niche for itself. 2003 was one of the key years that spurred the company’s expansion. The company’s business approach underwent major adjustments as a result of meeting the founders of Level Platforms and N-able during this period.

Fidelitech Solutions abandoned the conventional break-fix reactive paradigm and turned its attention to managed services, taking a proactive stance.

This change required establishing alliances, spending money on education and credentials, and launching focused advertising campaigns. Fidelitech Solutions overcome its early obstacles and saw tremendous development because to tenacity, wise alliances, and a dedication to offering first-rate IT services.

Success Focused on the Customer

Fidelitech Solutions’s sustained success may be ascribed to its persistent dedication to doing IT correctly and offering passionately thought-out IT solutions. The company’s remarkable low turnover rate over the past 20 years is evidence of its customer-centric culture.

Fidelitech Solutions, which is primarily composed of ex-Marines, has always put its clients’ needs first. The company’s main objective is to guarantee that customers receive the best possible service and state-of-the-art equipment at the most affordable prices. Fidelitech Solutions is known for its excellence and dependability since it never stops looking for the best solutions for its customers.

Fidelitech Solutions further sets itself apart with its proactive methodology. By taking care of any problems before they become emergencies, the business helps to cut down on downtime, minimise interruptions, and save needless customer expenses.

In addition to helping clients, this proactive approach frees Fidelitech Solutions’ team members from the burden of continuously handling pressing IT issues and helps them to maintain a good standard of living.

Principal Products

Fidelitech Solutions is concentrated on proactive managed services, cybersecurity, and compliance. To satisfy the needs of the customers, it provides a variety of goods and services. Its services stand out due to its commitment to the S.M.A.R.T. strategy, ongoing education, training, and emphasis on offering the best tools available on the market. The main products are as follows:

SemperShield: Training and skill development for staff members via the SemperShield Portal.

  • Awareness of cybersecurity through scanning, monitoring, and dark web surveillance.
  • Solutions are designed for companies of any size or budget.
  • Consistent prices all year round.
  • Increased productivity through proactive problem prevention and 24-hour monitoring.
  • Available at all times, including on holidays.
  • For professional guidance and administration of compliance, security, IT, and planning needs, use virtual CIO and CSO services.

SemperCloud: Broad range of cloud computing choices, encompassing hybrid, public, and private cloud solutions in addition to on-premise options.

  • Infrastructure as a Service and remote workplaces that facilitate remote work.
  • Solutions with a security focus to safeguard important data and systems.
  • Cloud solutions that are compliant and satisfy strict criteria.
  • Service and assistance available around-the-clock.
  • Data security via integrated backup and safe storage.
  • Tools that are easy to use for managing and controlling systems.

Managed Security Services: Preventive business defence against intrusions, assaults, weaknesses, and identity theft.

  • Protection from both internal and external dangers.
  • Compliance management for protecting personal information, client data, and legal requirements.
  • Review, appraisal, and execution of an all-encompassing security strategy.
  • Numerous features and tools for safe data storage, threat notifications, and network security.

SemperSync: proactive ransomware protection, continuous data security, and backup and disaster recovery services.

  • Defence against zero-day assaults and sophisticated threats.
  • Patch management and vulnerability evaluation are included in endpoint management.
  • Enhanced protection, more output, cost-effective knowledge, industry compliance, and peace of mind.

Risk management: Tools for managing privacy and security with more than 25 compliance management choices.

  • Risk assessment; administration of policies and procedures; vendor management; audit and breach management; training and awareness programmes.
  • Whistleblower, asset management, and bespoke content tracking capabilities for employee oversight.

Expert guidance and assistance are provided by virtual strategy consulting services.

  • Support with creating incident response plans, disaster recovery plans, technological roadmaps, planning, and budgeting, as well as policy and procedure formation.
  • Management and assistance for compliance audits.
  • Expanded security posture and stack, with continuous scanning and monitoring.
  • Personalized packages, fixed expenses, and assistance from an experienced support staff.

Verkada Access Control, Surveillance, and Building Security System: Expert installation of Verkada security system with on-site assistance and advisory services.

  • Hybrid cloud technology that does not require servers or NVRs/DVRs.
  • For quick findings and efficient film analysis, use intelligent, edge-based analytics.
  • A comprehensive network of enterprise security devices that includes environmental sensors, intrusion detection systems, cameras, access control, and visitor management.
  • Centralised device, user, and site management is possible with the Verkada Command Platform.

Increasing the Variety of Products Offered

Fidelitech Solutions is expanding upon its fundamental principles of affordability, industry compliance, online accessibility, and data security. The business has unveiled a number of intriguing new products to its lineup. The company has unveiled improved service packages that include Unified Device, Identity Access, and Password Management in response to the changing needs of enterprises.

With this all-inclusive strategy, businesses can easily manage their devices, restrict access to vital information, and strengthen password security. The company has also launched a ground-breaking safe and adaptable SD-WAN solution that enables companies to set up a fully integrated multi-site network without the need for expensive VPNs. With these new products, Fidelitech Solutions further establishes itself as a dependable leader in the field by offering innovative IT solutions that open doors for companies looking to prosper in the digital era.

Fidelitech Solutions: Why Choose Us?

Fidelitech Solutions is aware of how crucial IT systems are to companies. The business distinguishes itself from the competitors with its special features. Fidelitech Solutions is the preferred option for keeping businesses operational for the following reasons:

Fast Response: Fidelitech Solutions guarantees a one-hour emergency response time or less. This guarantees timely assistance. Customers can anticipate receiving live assistance whether they call or use the online service ticket submission form. It is possible to fix many problems remotely, saving time waiting for an on-site professional.

Reputable: Fidelitech Solutions is a well-liked industry and community leader. The company’s longest-standing clients’ trust and loyalty are its proudest accomplishments.

Experienced: Only seasoned technicians with at least five to ten years of experience are employed by Fidelitech Solutions. Its crew stays up to speed on the newest technologies through ongoing education, guaranteeing that clients are served by experienced personnel.

Business Savvy: Fidelitech Solutions creates, assesses, and defends technological solutions customised to meet the demands of each organisation by having a deep awareness of the business advantages.

One-stop store: Fidelitech Solutions manages all facets of IT infrastructure, allowing companies to concentrate on their core competencies. This includes managing hardware and software, vendor relationships, website maintenance, and technological requirements.

Proactive: Fidelitech Solutions has a proactive service mindset and uses cutting-edge network monitoring and management to spot possible problems early on and fix them to prevent further disruptions.

Extensive Project Management: Fidelitech Solutions has a great deal of experience overseeing complicated projects. As such, they guarantee exact coordination, taking care of every aspect and vendor to guarantee that projects are finished on schedule and under budget.

Fidelitech Solutions is dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction. The business goes above and beyond to make sure that customers are satisfied, providing a hassle-free experience and swift handling of any issues.

Inspiration, Teamwork, and Leadership

Herbstritt recognises the complex duties associated with being an organization’s leader having experience as an entrepreneur. As the personification of the company’s character, philosophy, fundamental values, mission, and direction, he feels that the entrepreneur must be the driving force.

Herbstritt has a distinctive style of team management that places a strong emphasis on family ties. Instead of considering staff members to be just that—members of the Fidelitech Solutions professional family—he views them as essential team members. Herbstritt prioritises organic growth and forges strategic partnerships with small enterprises and seasoned resources to make sure his staff is well-taken care of.

Herbstritt is very much indebted to Jack Welch for his inspiration. Herbstritt attributes his original desire to become a leader to Welch, citing Welch as a major influencer. Herbstritt studied Welch’s leadership concepts in college.

“Fidelitech Solutions Inc., a reputable provider of managed services, cyber security, and compliance, is dedicated to providing business owners with the most dependable and expert IT services available.”