Ilantus Technologies: Ensuring Comprehensive Business Protection

With the ongoing advancement of digital technology, cyber security has emerged as a critical concern for companies of all kinds. In recent years, identity-centric and comprehensive methods to cyber security have become increasingly popular. The goal of identity-centric security is to safeguard user identification and access to corporate resources rather than network perimeters. By combining all security measures into one cohesive system, holistic cyber security addresses weaknesses throughout the entire IT infrastructure.

These strategies can aid in preventing data breaches, safeguarding against insider threats, and ensuring regulatory compliance in the dynamic company environment where customers and employees are becoming more mobile. Companies may secure their digital assets and show their dedication to cyber security by implementing a comprehensive strategy that prioritises user identity protection and integrates all security measures.

We are taken on a tour of the journey by Ilantus Technologies CEO Mr. Arun K. Singh in this interview.

Describe Ilantus Technologies for us.

Leading provider of comprehensive, identity-centric cybersecurity solutions based on the Zero Trust Framework globally is Ilantus Services. With over 20 years of unmatched experience, Ilantus Technologies offers IAM services to customers across many industrial verticals. It was established in 2000 as a worldwide cybersecurity business with an emphasis on the Identity & Access Management space, providing goods and services to clients throughout the world. The product business was recently rebranded as a different company, and Ilantus Services, a fully owned subsidiary of Network Intelligence, amalgamated with the services business. Network Intelligence is a digital security company.

What difficulties did you initially encounter?

Ilantus Technologies had an undefined boundary between its product and services businesses when I came. In my role as CEO, I oversaw a global team that was responsible for advancing sales and marketing, product engineering, innovation, service delivery, business growth, and investor relationship management. I quickly discovered that the DNA of the product and service industries varies greatly. Due to this, the business was restructured, and the product and services P&Ls were kept distinct and under independent ownership. 

Which particular moment led to the expansion of Ilantus Technologies?

The successful completion of Ilantus’ worldwide business transformation was made possible by the reorganisation of services and products as two distinct companies. It made it possible to develop a services mindset in order to realign growth strategy with the market, complete a multiyear roadmap, and create a winning culture with teams that beat the competition, delight customers, and produce profitable growth.

The reorganisation also encouraged a shift in the company culture towards more accountability for service quality and a client-centric focus. Prominent analysts including Frost & Sullivan, KuppingerCole, Gartner, and others gave Ilantus Technologies high recognition.

Why has Ilantus Technologies been so successful for so long?

I believe that our long-standing success has been largely attributed to our people-first strategy and client-centric approach. By putting people first, we were able to increase our retention rate and create a winning team that will last over the long run. Numerous important members of our staff have been with us for over 15 years. Because of our focus on the needs of our clients, we have been able to create a number of solution accelerators that have dramatically decreased costs while simultaneously speeding up the deployment of cyber solutions.

The Services and Products: In what areas of expertise does Ilantus Technologies offer its services?

We are experts in providing our clients in every industry sector worldwide with the entire spectrum of Identity and Access Management (IAM) Services. Ilantus Technologies provides all the services needed to start an IAM journey, including consultancy, implementation, migration, and management of IAM solutions, as well as assessment and assessment work to find gaps in the current deployment. Our service catalogue for IAM services is shown in the image below.

How significant is cyber security in light of the shifting environment?

Organisations are under more and more pressure to adopt cutting edge technologies in order to stay ahead of the curve due to innovation and disruption. Organisations are utilising technologies such as RPA, ChatBot, NLP, Virtual Reality, AI, ML, Big Data, Predictive Analytics, IoT, 5G, Wearables, Geo-fencing, Beacons, Cloud, EDGE, FOG Computing, etc. to improve customer services. The attack surface is increased by each of these new technologies, raising questions about cybersecurity. One of the main concerns of board members is cybersecurity, which also plays a crucial role in facilitating the adoption of new digital technologies.

How can you ensure the dependability of your services?

To guarantee predictable results, we have developed a productized service offering backed by special solution accelerators. Additionally, we have a special section that handles service quality audits; this division operates independently on each client engagement and reports objectively to senior management.

How can you assist businesses in becoming more sustainable and scalable?

As part of our delivery strategy, we build a solid foundation using essential on-site or cloud-based tools. The other applications on the foundation are brought online using our “Factory Model” once the foundation has been tested for peak load and high availability. This makes sustainability possible and aids in growing the activities to the appropriate size.

How do you choose to advance the services offered by Ilantus Technologies?

The majority of our cybersecurity engagements begin with a maturity assessment phase that allows us to compare the client environment to peers and find any gaps. This helps the client see the larger picture and comprehend the strategy for not just resolving the current problem but also what should be on the roadmap for future considerations.  We also provide value with our proprietary solution accelerators. For example, in the IAM area, we have the Role Mining Engine, Integrated Dashboard, Application Integration Automation (AiA), and Rapid Application Onboarding Framework. We also have comparable solutions in other domains.


What duties do you believe an entrepreneur should have?

Any entrepreneur’s first duty is to achieve business growth, as without it, survival becomes problematic. A leader must possess the abilities to articulate a vision, take calculated risks to launch a company, and foster ongoing innovation to keep one step ahead of the competition. It is impossible to succeed in company without great leadership, coaching, and development abilities.

Would you kindly provide us a quick overview of your work history?

At Ilantus Technologies, a leader in the world of identity-centric, comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, I am currently the CEO and President. In addition, I am the CEO of Network Intelligence, a digital security firm operating in the Americas. I also belong to the Forbes Technology Council and serve on the advisory boards of GL Bajaj Group of Institutions, Cydres (previously The Herjavec Group), and other organisations.

I was employed at Ernst & Young LLP as a Principal/Partner and Americas Risk Advisory Leader before to taking on my current role. In my capacity as a Client Serving Partner, I provided technical leaders, board members, and senior executives with guidance on creating all-encompassing procedures for overseeing and developing IT initiatives. I was the Global Leader and Managing Director of Accenture’s Managed Security Services (MSS) division before I joined EY. In this capacity, I introduced MSS as a brand-new firm and quickly grew it to generate over $350 million in sales annually in less than four years. I was in charge of the P&L for branding, capability development, sales, revenue, and delivery.

I held the position of Global Business Head for Enterprise Security Services at Wipro Technologies prior to joining Accenture. In this capacity, I developed and oversaw a global team of 5,000+ security experts that offered managed services, implementation, and consulting to Wipro’s clientele all over the world. Additionally, I worked in the fields of eCommerce security, network security, and application security at Infosys Technologies and HCL Technologies.

I worked as a cryptographer and research specialist for the first part of my career before switching to creating and managing cybersecurity companies. In addition to speaking at and serving on panels at many conferences, including the Gartner Security Summit, RSA Conference, Forbes Technology Council, ISMG CISO/CEO panel, Adventory CEO, HIMSS, and SmartGrid, I have published numerous research articles.

Which major successes have you had thus far in your entrepreneurial career?

I’ve received recognition for my commercial acumen and influence in the industry. I was listed in two publications: Beyond Exclamation Magazine’s “Top 10 Influential Business Leaders to Follow in 2021” and World Leaders Magazine’s “World’s Inspiring CEOs to Follow in 2022.” Insight Success Media LLC recognised me as a “Innovative Business Leader, Making a Difference 2021,” and Mirrors Review named me one of the “10 Prominent CEO Leaders 2021.”

How do you take care of your staff members? What distinguishes your team from others?

We use a variety of vehicles to maintain constant communication with every member of the team, inspire them, and keep them informed about our goals as a company. Town halls, competitions between teams, cultural events, weekly connect with reportees, and community gatherings all play a big part in this. Additionally, we have matched performance goals with our incentive programme, and the quarterly appraisal cycles assist in managing key personnel and high performers. The primary virtue that we instill in every employee is the appropriate mindset for teamwork, which sets them apart.

What guidance would you give aspiring business owners?

In order to build the firm, I would advise them to recognise the value of networking and put it into practice in their daily work lives. Additionally, I want them to comprehend the value of emotional quotient (EQ) and how to relate to, understand, and empathise with those around them. Being a great leader and successful business requires having a high EQ.