Syncro Unveils AI-Powered Smart Ticket Management for MSPs

Syncro's Platform Unveils AI-Powered Smart Ticket Management | CyberPro Magazine

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Introduction of AI in Syncro’s Platform

Syncro, a rising star in the MSP tools platform sector, has introduced a new AI-powered Smart Ticket Management system to enhance the efficiency of managed service providers (MSPs). This innovative feature is designed to help MSPs resolve more support tickets with reduced time and effort. Syncro’s platform, which appointed Michael George, the former CEO of Continuum, as its new chief executive in February, joins a growing list of MSP tool providers incorporating AI into their core platforms. Syncro’s platform combines remote monitoring and management (RMM) with professional services automation (PSA), essential tools for MSP operations.

Over the past year, numerous add-on tools have emerged to assist MSPs in becoming more efficient. These tools include Alga (formerly Octavia) by Nine Minds, Pia by Pia, and NeoAgent by the data scientist behind Vastmindz, pioneered by MSP Transputer. Major players like ConnectWise, Kaseya, N-able, SuperOps, and NinjaOne have also launched their own AI-driven assistants to boost help desk and operational efficiencies.

Experts such as Sydney Hockett from Evergreen and Peter Kujawa from Service Leadership have highlighted the significant improvements that AI-driven efficiencies can bring to MSPs.

Key Features of Syncro’s Smart Ticket Management

Syncro’s Smart Ticket Management system offers several key features aimed at streamlining the ticket resolution process. The automatic ticket categorization feature sorts tickets into up to 40 different categories, such as printers, network, storage, memory, and CPU, based on their contents. This ensures that tickets are directed to the appropriate technical staff without delay.

The asset identification function links tickets to relevant assets, displaying critical information needed for troubleshooting. This feature allows technical staff to quickly assess and address issues, enhancing their efficiency. Furthermore, the system provides guided and automated resolution steps, including checklists and links to pre-approved scripts and automation. These tools enable technicians to resolve issues with a single click, ensuring a secure computing environment.

Syncro has plans for additional enhancements to the Smart Ticket Management system this summer. A new Smart Search feature will go beyond simple keyword searches, allowing technicians to see tickets similar to the ones they are working on. This feature will introduce “conversational search,” enabling users to perform queries in natural language, such as asking for tickets related to specific issues or clients.

Leadership Changes and Future Plans

Syncro has undergone significant leadership changes in recent months. In February, Emily Glass stepped down as CEO, and Michael George took over the position. Following this transition, Syncro’s founder, who had been serving as channel chief, made way for Tim Lasonde to assume the role. The company has since made several new appointments to strengthen its leadership team.

Looking ahead to 2024, Syncro plans to introduce further innovations focused on simplifying security solutions for MSPs. Under Emily Glass’s leadership, Syncro had already made strides in cybersecurity, partnering with vendors like Acronis and Proofpoint and achieving SOC 2 compliance. The company also implemented features like IP Allow lists and single sign-on (SSO) capabilities to enhance security for its MSP partners.

Michael George, reflecting on his experience with Continuum, emphasized the importance of having a robust security offering for MSPs. He noted that Syncro aims to integrate security solutions into its unified PSA and RMM platform, making it easier for MSPs to manage their operations without needing to piece together separate solutions. George hinted at new security offerings, possibly including MDR or SOC-as-a-service, to be introduced in the first half of 2024.

Syncro’s platform commitment to enhancing its platform with AI-driven tools and robust security measures underscores its mission to support MSPs in navigating the evolving technological landscape. With these advancements, Syncro aims to empower MSPs to deliver superior service while managing their operations more efficiently.

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