Nvidia GTC 2024 Unveils Strategic Cybersecurity Collaborations

Nvidia GTC 2024 Unveils Strategic Cybersecurity Collaborations | CyberPro Magazine


Check Point Safeguards AI Cloud Data Centers with Nvidia GTC Partnership

During this week’s Nvidia GTC 2024 conference, cybersecurity firms announced pivotal collaborations with Nvidia aimed at leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and accelerated computing to fortify cybersecurity defenses against sophisticated cyber threats.

Check Point Software Technologies unveiled its partnership with Nvidia GTC, targeting the fortification of AI cloud infrastructure security. The alliance introduces the AI Cloud Protect solution, engineered with Nvidia’s BlueField data processing unit (DPU) and the Nvidia DOCA software framework. This solution aims to enhance threat prevention capabilities at network and host levels, crucial in safeguarding against evolving cyber threats.

AI’s transformative potential across industries also brings forth new vulnerabilities, including backdooring AI models and denial of service attacks. Check Point emphasizes the need to address these threats efficiently without compromising AI performance. AI Cloud Protect endeavors to provide out-of-the-box security, shielding against AI-specific threats such as model inversion and theft, ensuring scalable deployment across diverse AI environments.

CrowdStrike Elevates Cybersecurity with genAI Integration

CrowdStrike, another prominent player in the cybersecurity landscape, announced its collaboration with Nvidia, leveraging the latter’s AI computing services to enhance cybersecurity capabilities. This collaboration integrates Nvidia’s accelerated computing and microservices with CrowdStrike’s Falcon XDR platform, empowering customers with advanced threat hunting and proactive defense mechanisms against emerging cyber threats.

The integration enables the development of genAI model creation and large language model-powered applications, facilitating novel use cases such as improved threat hunting, supply chain attack detection, and anomaly identification in user behavior. Nvidia founder and CEO, Jensen Huang, highlights the significance of this partnership, emphasizing the unparalleled visibility into threats offered to enterprises, thus bolstering their cybersecurity posture.

Cohesity Revolutionizes Cybersecurity Insights with Nvidia Alliance

Cohesity, a leading data security and management vendor, joined forces with Nvidia to integrate Nvidia NIM microservices and AI Enterprise into the Cohesity Gaia platform. This collaboration aims to empower customers and partners to derive AI-driven insights from their data, enhancing cybersecurity measures while ensuring management flexibility.

The integration introduces Cohesity Gaia, an AI-powered enterprise search assistant enabling users to interact with their data effectively. Leveraging generative AI assistant and large language models, Cohesity Gaia facilitates data retrieval and insights extraction from backup data stored in the Cohesity Data Cloud. By incorporating genAI intelligence into data backups and archives, Cohesity enables customers to create performant genAI models based on their data, ultimately amplifying the value derived from their data assets.

Beyond technological integration, Nvidia’s investment in Cohesity underscores a deeper commitment to driving innovation and advancing cybersecurity solutions. Together, these collaborations underscore a collective effort to harness AI and accelerated computing in fortifying cybersecurity defenses against evolving threats, heralding a new era of resilience and adaptability in the face of cyber challenges.