Amida Launches Microelectronics Security Division to Combat Rising Threats

Introducing Amida's Microelectronics Security Division | CyberPro Magazine


Introducing Amida’s Microelectronics Security Division

Amida Technology Solutions, Inc. (Amida) has stepped up its game in the realm of data security with the announcement of its new Microelectronics Security business division. Specializing in solving complex challenges related to data interoperability, exchange, governance, and security, Amida’s latest venture is aimed at fortifying the semiconductor industry against mounting cyber threats. Spearheaded by Margaret Schmitt, this division harnesses Amida’s extensive expertise in semiconductors, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence to provide comprehensive security solutions throughout the semiconductor lifecycle.

Tackling Semiconductor Vulnerabilities with Achilles

The semiconductor industry faces a growing onslaught of threats, prompting Amida’s proactive response with the development of Achilles, a groundbreaking microelectronics security solution. Unlike software, hardware vulnerabilities are notoriously challenging to patch, making preemptive mitigation crucial. Achilles employs advanced graph transform techniques during early design stages to uncover hidden vulnerabilities that conventional methods often miss. Peter L. Levin, Amida’s co-founder and CEO, emphasized the strategic importance of this expansion, highlighting the urgency of keeping cybersecurity measures aligned with evolving digital threats.

In addition to its proactive approach, Amida is committed to collaboration and advocacy in the cybersecurity realm. The company recently co-signed an open letter to the White House CHIPS Implementation Steering Committee, stressing the importance of prioritizing device security, particularly in defense applications. This collaborative effort underscores Amida’s dedication to driving industry-wide initiatives aimed at enhancing microelectronics security standards and regulatory frameworks.

Meeting Critical Security Needs with Innovative Solutions

Amida’s dedication to innovation and security has led to the creation of Achilles, bolstered by a Navy Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) grant. Schmitt emphasized the pivotal role of design in chip security, stating that Achilles simulates techniques used by malicious actors to manipulate devices, enabling proactive defense measures. With five patents under its belt, Achilles is positioned to meet the escalating demand for robust microelectronics solutions, particularly within critical sectors such as defense and healthcare. Joe Costello, co-founder of Cadence and Amida board director, underscored the significance of securing hardware against emerging threats, emphasizing the need for proactive mitigation strategies.

As the digital landscape becomes increasingly reliant on microelectronics, Amida’s Microelectronics Security division stands as a beacon of defense, ensuring the integrity and resilience of critical systems against present and future cyber threats. With Achilles leading the charge, Amida’s Microelectronics is poised to revolutionize, offering continuous monitoring and protection throughout the lifecycle of semiconductor devices. This strategic expansion not only reinforces Amida’s commitment to innovation but also underscores its dedication to safeguarding the integrity of digital infrastructure worldwide.