Successful Conclusion of World CyberCon META Edition 2024 in Dubai

World CyberCon META Edition 2024 in Dubai | CyberPro Magazine

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The Cyber Express proudly concluded the third edition of the World CyberCon META Edition 2024, a landmark event held at Al Habtoor Palace in the heart of Dubai. The event saw participation from over 100 attendees representing more than 20 different industries, demonstrating the extensive relevance and urgency of cybersecurity in today’s interconnected world. The conference provided more than six hours of intensive collaboration and networking, underscoring the critical need to address escalating cybersecurity threats in the UAE, a nation undergoing significant digital transformation.

According to Mordor Intelligence, the UAE Cybersecurity Market is projected to grow to approximately USD 950 million by 2028, highlighting the increasing demand for effective cybersecurity measures. The conference served as a crucial platform for addressing these growing threats, with experts sharing insights on the latest trends and challenges in cybersecurity.

Keynote Highlights and Expert Panels

A standout moment of the World CyberCon META Edition 2024 was the keynote address by Irene Corpuz, a distinguished cybersecurity expert and co-founder of Women in Cyber Security Middle East. Corpuz delivered a compelling speech on the increasing risks cyberattacks pose to startup organizations, emphasizing that even small startups are prime targets for cybercriminals.

The conference featured a diverse array of insightful sessions and expert-led panels. One of the highlights was a panel discussion led by Jo Mikleus, Senior Vice President at Cyble. The all-women panel of cyber experts, including Irene Corpuz, Sithembile Songo, Eng. Dina AlSalamen, and Afra Mohammed Almansoori, discussed the transformative impact of AI on cybersecurity. They highlighted AI’s crucial role in advancing threat management and security measures, showcasing use cases of behavioral analytics, anomaly detection, and automated incident response to enhance security frameworks.

Celebrating Excellence and Future Prospects

The event also celebrated achievements within the cybersecurity community through a prestigious awards ceremony. Heartfelt congratulations were extended to all awardees for their pioneering contributions to the field, highlighting the excellence and innovation driving the cybersecurity sector forward. Special thanks were given to the speakers, attendees, and partners, including Cyble Inc. and Synax Technologies, for their integral roles in the conference’s success.

The presence and support of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) significantly enriched the discussions and outcomes of the event. Contributions from Mariam Alhammadi, MOI SOC Manager, and Saeed M. AlShebli, Deputy Director of Digital Security Department, were particularly invaluable. Augustin Kurian, Editor-in-Chief at The Cyber Express, expressed his appreciation, stating, “The support and engagement from the entire cybersecurity community have been truly remarkable. 

This year’s conference was not only a resounding success in terms of knowledge sharing but also underscored Dubai’s role as a prominent tech hub in the face of worldwide digital challenges.”

World CyberCon META Edition has firmly established itself as a must-attend event in the cybersecurity calendar. This year’s conference was a testament to the dynamic and collaborative spirit of the cybersecurity community, providing a vital platform for sharing knowledge, addressing pressing challenges, and exploring innovative solutions.

Looking Ahead to Future Editions

The Cyber Express is excited to continue fostering these essential discussions in future editions. The success of this year’s World CyberCon META Edition sets a high benchmark for upcoming editions, promising even more engaging content, expert insights, and collaborative opportunities. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the importance of such gatherings cannot be overstated. They not only provide a space for addressing current challenges but also pave the way for future innovations and solutions in cybersecurity.

World CyberCon META Edition 2024 has demonstrated the vital role such events play in advancing cybersecurity resilience, and The Cyber Express looks forward to continuing this tradition in the years to come.