The Top 10 Cyber security consultant firms in 2024

The Top 10 Cyber security consultant firms in 2024 | CyberPro Magazine

The cyber security consultant firms act as a shield or a guard in between a firm’s vital data and the potential cyber threats. The successful operation of your organization is dependent on aspects like these of your business, and a data breach is the last thing an entrepreneur wants to happen. According to studies, 87% of companies have already been the victim of cyber attacks designed to take advantage of a known system weakness. These days, hackers now launch an attack every 39 seconds or 2,244 times each day on average. Cyberattacks are now essentially a part of everyday corporate life. So companies hire cyber security consultant firms to be safeguarded by such uninvited attacks. 

We bring you a list of the top 10 cyber security consultant firms in 2024 to prevent such attacks:

1. Deloitte

The Top 10 Cyber security consultant firms in 2024 | CyberPro Magazine
[Source-Financial Times]

Established Year: 1845

Founder: William Welch Deloitte

No. of Employees: 4,57,000 (as of 2023)

Headquarters: England, UK

Revenue: $6,490 crores

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, simply known as Deloitte, is a multinational professional services network. It is the largest professional services network on a global scale, in terms of revenue and in terms of number of professionals it employs. It leverages cutting-edge tech solutions and a thorough understanding of a variety of industries. It assists businesses of all sizes to thrive, by creating an impact by providing tailored solutions to the unique needs of businesses.    

2. Infosys Consulting

The Top 10 Cyber security consultant firms in 2024 | CyberPro Magazine
[Source- Inventiva]

Established Year: 1981

Founders: Narayan Murthy, Nandan Nilekani, Ashok Arora, S. D. Shibulal, N.S. Raghavan

No. of Employees: 3,35,186 (as of 2022)

Headquarters: Bangalore

Revenue: $18.55 Billion 

Infosys Consulting is a management and Information Technology (IT) consulting division, operating within the broader Infosys Corporation and specializing in strategy development, IT transformation, change management, and business analytics. The company operates globally and has existence in 18 countries across America, Asia Pacific, and Europe. Infosys is one of the cyber security consultant firms that run a program that is designed to assist clients in upholding a strong cyber defense.


The Top 10 Cyber security consultant firms in 2024 | CyberPro Magazine
[Source- Financial Times]

Established Year: 1987

Founders: Klynveld Main Goerdeler, Klynveld Kraayenhof & Co., William Barclay Peat & Co., Marwick Mitchell & Co 

No. of Employees: 2, 73,424

Headquarters: Netherlands

Revenue: 3640 (USD Crores as of 2023)

KPMG International is one of the leading cyber security consultant firms in the world. It is a part of the Big Four Accounting firms, along with Ernst & Young, Deloitte, and PwC. The firm operates in 143 countries and regions during FY22. These professionals cater to the requirements of some different business sectors that support the capital markets through KPMG firms. 

4. McKinsey & Co.

The Top 10 Cyber security consultant firms in 2024 | CyberPro Magazine
[Source- Times of India]

Established Year: 1926

Founder: Marvin Bower, James O. McKinsey

No. of Employees: 45,000 (2023)

Headquarters: United States

Revenue: $15+ Billion (as of 2021)

McKinsey & Co. is one of the renowned global management cyber security consulting firms that provides its professional services to corporations, governments, and various other organizations. It combines exceptional problem-solving capabilities, and industry-specific expertise, with the tools and resources to create change and lasting impact. It leverages partnerships with top cyber security technology providers, proprietary assessments, extensive training, and organizational transformational efforts. The firm works to address its clients’ most pressing cybersecurity problems. 

5. PwC

The Top 10 Cyber security consultant firms in 2024 | CyberPro Magazine

Established Year: 1998

Founders: Samuel Lowell Price, Edwin Waterhouse, William Cooper 

No. of Employees: 3, 64,000 (as of 2023)

Headquarters: United Kingdom

Revenue: 5,030 crores USD (2022)

PwC operates as a global network with a presence in 157 countries. Being the best cyber security consultant firm, the company’s mission influences its actions and decisions in the company’s daily ventures. In consulting, PwC merges strategy, technology consulting, and management consulting to help businesses succeed and implement transformation in their operations.   

6. Capgemini

The Top 10 Cyber security consultant firms in 2024 | CyberPro Magazine
[Source- ERP Today]

Established Year: 1967

Founder: Serge Kampf

No. of Employees: 3,57,000 (2023) 

Headquarters: France

Revenue: 2,250 crores EUR (2023)

The company excels in providing guidance and assistance to enterprises undergoing substantial transformations, encompassing innovative strategy development. The company draws on its knowledge of the digital economy and its lead leadership in business transformation and organizational change. The cyber security consultant firms play a critical role, by using technical and business capabilities to secure all IT protocols and data transactions. 

7. Cognizant

The Top 10 Cyber security consultant firms in 2024 | CyberPro Magazine
[Source-Business Today]

Established Year: 1994

Founder: Kumar Mahadeva, Francisco D’Souza

No. of Employees: 3,55,300 (2022)

Headquarters: US

Revenue: 1,680 crores USD (2019)

Into the list of cyber security consultant firms, Cognizant is one of the fastest growing and top performing companies in the world. The firm boasts a global presence with more than one hundred development and delivery centers across the world. The team’s innovative IT services and consulting, focus on specific industries. The company’s core objective is to drive transformation, optimization, and innovation for clients for large-scale IT and business programs. 

8. EY

The Top 10 Cyber security consultant firms in 2024 | CyberPro Magazine
[Source- Studycafe]

Established Year: 1989

Founder: Arthur Young and Alwin C Ernst

No. of Employees: 3,95,442

Headquarters: UK

Revenue: 4,940 crores USD (2023)

Ernst & Young Global Limited is one of the well-known cyber security consultant firms in England. The organization is committed to fostering a better world- with increased trust and confidence in business, sustainable growth, the nurturing of talent, and enhanced collaboration. The company exudes a strong sense of responsibility to serve several different stakeholders who rely on the organization’s commitment to deliver quality and excellence. Its cyber security, strategy, risks, compliance, and resilience help the organization in assessing efficiency and effectiveness. 

9. Accenture

The Top 10 Cyber security consultant firms in 2024 | CyberPro Magazine
[Source- Business Today]

Established Year: 1989

Founder: Arthur E. Andersen, Clarence DeLany, and Steve Wick

No. of Employees: 7,33,000 (2023)

Headquarters: Dublin

Revenue: 6,411 Crores USD

Accenture started as a business and consulting division in the early 1950s. The company is a world-renowned cyber security consultant firm offering an extensive number of services and solutions encompassing strategy, consulting, digital, technology, and operations. The primary objective is to assist its clients in enhancing their performance and attaining their objectives by harnessing proficiency in technology, digital solutions, and operational strategies. 

10. McAfee

The Top 10 Cyber security consultant firms in 2024 | CyberPro Magazine

Established Year: 1987 

Founder: John McAfee

No. of Employees: 1800+ (2023)

Headquarters: USA

Revenue: US $ 1.92 Billion

A household name in cyber security consultant firms, McAfee has captured the market due to the broad spectrum of solutions it offers. From antivirus to endpoint protection, it offers several services to protect your gadget from getting cyber-attacks. With a legacy of safeguarding users against cyber threats, the company continues to evolve with the ever-changing threat landscape. 


In today’s techno-freak world, where online threats are growing fast, keeping your digital defenses strong is super important. The above article has tapped into the world of cyber security highlighting the top 10 companies that are good at protecting against evolving online threats. As technology grows and threats change, top cyber security consultant firms must work together to tackle these online threats.