Telefónica Tech Continues Reign as Cybersecurity Leader

Telefónica Tech Continues to Reign as Cybersecurity Leader | CyberPro Magazine

(Source- TelcoTitans)

Telefónica Tech Recognized for Excellence in Cybersecurity

Telefónica Tech has cemented its status as a top cybersecurity provider for the third consecutive year, as recognized by Avasant, a leading analyst firm. This accolade underscores Telefónica Tech’s commitment to offering state-of-the-art services that ensure robust network security. The company’s digital business unit caters to large enterprises, medium-sized businesses, and SMEs, delivering a comprehensive suite of both reactive and proactive digital security measures.

Key services provided by Telefónica Tech include threat detection and response, identity management, vulnerability management, offensive security, network and data security, and cloud security. These are all integrated into NextDefense, Telefónica Tech’s global advanced cybersecurity service suite. The company also offers professional technology consulting services, enhancing its clients’ ability to protect their digital infrastructure effectively.

Sector-Specific Security Solutions

In addition to its general cybersecurity services, Telefónica Tech provides specialized support for industrial and mission-critical sectors such as energy, healthcare, and transportation. The company offers managed security services tailored to these sectors, with teams of professionals certified to address their unique security needs. This includes monitoring the security of OT (operations technology), which is crucial for controlling physical systems in industrial production plants or managing electromedical equipment in healthcare settings.

“There is no digitalization without cybersecurity. At Telefónica Tech, we advise and promote the digital transformation of companies and organizations of any size and sector to make them efficient, productive, and secure, as well as resilient to changing risks and threats,” stated Alberto Sempere, Director of Services, Innovation, and Partnerships at Telefónica Tech. His comments highlight the company’s dedication to integrating cybersecurity with digital transformation efforts across various industries.

Leveraging AI for Enhanced Cybersecurity

As the use of generative AI grows, it presents both challenges and opportunities for cybersecurity. While AI can lower barriers for cybercriminals and enable more customized attacks, it also enhances threat detection and response capabilities. Telefónica Tech collaborates with leading cybersecurity and AI organizations to develop a comprehensive portfolio of security automation use cases. These collaborations, combined with the expertise of professionals in multiple security operation centers (SOCs), bolster Telefónica Tech’s advanced threat detection and response capabilities in Europe, Latin America, and the U.S.

Telefónica Tech’s Digital Operations Centers (DOC), located in Madrid and Colombia, play a crucial role in this ecosystem. They offer real-time, round-the-clock expert guidance and intelligence to help companies identify and mitigate security risks effectively. Supported by over 2,500 cybersecurity operations professionals, these centers handle around 350,000 security event tickets and approximately 500,000 alerts annually, of which 13,000 are deemed critical.

Telefónica’s continued recognition as a cybersecurity leader by Avasant reflects its unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence in protecting digital landscapes globally.