AI Takes Center Stage at ConnectWise’s IT Nation Secure 2024 Conference

ConnectWise Unveils AI Future at IT Nation Secure 2024 | CyberPro Magazine

(Source- ConnectWise)

AI’s Role in the Future of Cybersecurity

At the fifth annual IT Nation Secure conference hosted by ConnectWise, artificial intelligence (AI) emerged as the focal point, almost overshadowing the core theme of cybersecurity. The event, held with an audience of 1,200 Managed Service Providers (MSPs), kicked off with a keynote emphasizing the transformative impact of AI on the industry.

ConnectWise CEO Jason Magee, alongside Senior Vice President and GM of IT Nation Gregg Lalle, underscored AI’s pervasive influence, dubbing it the “ultimate sidekick” or disruptor in technology. Magee highlighted how AI has drastically evolved over the past year, revolutionizing various aspects of technology services.

Lalle reinforced this sentiment, describing the conference’s theme as a “groundswell of AI-powered everything.” The keynote set the stage for discussions on the symbiotic relationship between AI and cybersecurity, marking AI’s crucial role in shaping the future of technology services.

Navigating the AI-Cybersecurity Intersection

The spotlight then shifted to the intricate dynamics between AI and cybersecurity. ConnectWise Chief Information Security Officer Patrick Beggs and Vice President of Global Security Sales Jay Ryerse delved into the challenges and opportunities presented by AI in the cybersecurity landscape.

Beggs asserted that AI would be integral to the future of cybersecurity, leveraging its capabilities for both defense and offense. He mentioned that ConnectWise’s Red Team employs AI to test the company’s defenses, ensuring robust security measures. Ryerse likened AI to a double-edged sword, capable of driving innovation while also posing significant risks due to its accessibility.

Ryerse stressed the need for ethical guidelines and policies to govern AI usage, ensuring it serves as a tool for good rather than harm. The duo’s discussion highlighted the necessity for vigilant and innovative approaches to harness AI’s potential while mitigating its risks in cybersecurity.

New Product Announcements from ConnectWise

ConnectWise executives Ameer Karim and John Helms concluded the keynote with a series of significant product announcements, showcasing advancements designed to empower MSPs in the evolving cybersecurity landscape.


Security360, a comprehensive solution built on ConnectWise’s Asio platform, aims to provide MSPs with a unified view of their cybersecurity posture. It offers a total risk score, breaking down risks across various categories such as endpoint, network, and identity. This tool enables MSPs to identify vulnerabilities and implement targeted remediations.

Sidekick for Security

Following the success of Sidekick for RMM and PSA, ConnectWise introduced Sidekick for Security. This AI-powered assistant, integrated with platforms like Asio and Microsoft Copilot, helps technicians access security scores and vulnerability summaries efficiently. The demo showcased its potential to enhance technician efficiency and expedite issue resolution.

RPA Expansion

Building on its low-code robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities, ConnectWise announced new features including custom triggers and a form designer for workflow automation. These enhancements enable technicians to schedule and execute workflows more effectively, catering to specific automation needs.

MDR for Microsoft 365

ConnectWise expanded its Managed Detection and Response (MDR) offerings to include Microsoft 365, aiming to protect additional components of the Microsoft stack. This new solution, available at a discounted rate through July, broadens the protection scope for MSPs utilizing Microsoft technologies.

MDR Executive Report

To assist MSPs in demonstrating value to their clients, ConnectWise introduced the MDR Executive Report. This feature, accessible via Security360, provides comprehensive security insights that can be shared with customers. The report can be scheduled as an email or exported as a PDF, with further enhancements planned to facilitate easy sharing.

These product announcements reflect ConnectWise’s commitment to equipping MSPs with advanced tools to navigate the complexities of cybersecurity in the AI era. By integrating AI and automation into their solutions, ConnectWise aims to streamline security processes and enhance the overall resilience of MSPs against evolving cyber threats.